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Questions You Must Ask While Selecting An ERP Software

The task of implementing ERP software is not an easy one. It takes a lot of resources and time in selecting the right ERP for your company. IF you are not well-informed about the system, you should ask questions. ERP is a complicated and expansive application and thus, you may have an endless number of questions to ask. Before you think of implementing ERP software, you must have complete knowledge about the system.

Questions You May Ask

We have listed our top picks for the questions you should ask while choosing the right the ERP software.

1.    What type of training and support will the ERP provider provide?

As already mentioned above, ERP systems are incredibly complicated and therefore, having the right training is a must. If you are not used to handling such a system, you are sure to run into some problems at some point in time. This is why it is advised you to ask your ERP provider the type of training he offers. You need to make sure that your ERP vendor provides you with end-user training available through classroom session, on-site and remote. This is to ensure that you are fully confident to use the system.

2.    Does the system fulfill the needs of my business?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask. The whole purpose of implementing an ERP system is to make your business processes easier. Most of the ready-made ERP systems are known to function at a basic level. In most cases, it doesn’t meet your business requirements. This is where you need to tailor your ERP system in order to align it with your business needs and processes. The ERP system you choose should be able to meet your needs and at the same time also adjust itself with the changes that are to come in the future.

3.    Is the system user-friendly?

Considering the functionality of the system is very important. If the system is too complicated, your employees may not be able to handle it. This will only lead to confusion and eventually build-up frustration in the workspace. Therefore, it is better to inquire about the functionality before you get the system on board.

4.    How will the ERP system integrate with the existing systems?

ERP software is known to bind all business activities of different departments together. If you already have some tools in use, you need to make sure that it integrates well with your new ERP system. In this case, you can ask your ERP provider to explain the systems that can be integrated with your new ERP software.

5.    What’s the warranty?

You should also ask your ERP provider whether their system is covered by any warranty period or not. This shows the confidence of the provider in their solutions.

So these are some of the questions you should ask your ERP provider. This is to ensure that you are getting the right and the best ERP software for your company.

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