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Things To Know About ERP Vendors

There are plenty of ERP vendors available out there. However, you are required to choose the one who can provide you with the right ERP software. Before, entering into a partnership with an ERP vendor you need to understand that it is a long-term tie-up. Keeping this fact in mind you should select the right ERP vendor for your ERP software.

There are varied types of ERP vendors available out there. This is because they are focused on different markets. Having said that, now let us take a look into some of the important details about ERP vendors.

Types Of ERP Vendors

ERP vendors can be broadly classified into three categories. The three main types of ERP vendors include:

  1. Niche-based ERP vendors

These type of vendors are known to primarily on a unique market. For example, injection molding.Lumber and food processing.

  • Add-on type ERP vendors

These type of ERP vendors perform only a few of the ERP functionalities. They are mainly into accounting or manufacturing. They can even be focused on inventory management solution. Add-on ERP vendors form a complete enterprise solution with their pre-defined partners.

These type of ERP vendors are basically the ones that can do all the ERP functionalities for you. They are known to serve the mass market for businesses. However, at times they are unable to fulfill the specific requirements of the industry. SAP, Microsoft,and Oracle are known to fall under this category.

So these are the different types of ERP vendors that exist out there. You are required to choose an ERP vendor based on the requirements of your organization. Before, you make your final decision make sure that you have evaluated the needs of your company.

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