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3 Popular ERP trends you need to follow for the growth of your business

ERP systems have become one of the key ingredients for the growth of any company’s business. With the changing time, this system has witnessed a lot of advancements and changes. A lot of trends are introduced on the basis of these advancements. All these trends have been found beneficial for companies. Let us have a look at them.

Two-tier ERP

This is nothing but an integrated or updated version of the business ERP system. If you have read about the downfalls of ERP, then you must know that ERP systems are not meant for large scale companies. The factors that are responsible for the working of these companies could not be kept in one place due to the difference in them.

The two-tier ERP system is a kind of solution to this problem. In this system, the first tier is setup at the corporate level and the second tier is setup at the subsidiary level. This setup is used especially in big companies.

Social ERP

This ERP trend is also known as ERP 2.0. As we know, if you have to increase the customer service system, then you need to get full information about your customers. This ERP trend helps in adding all the social media data of the customers to the company’s account. This has become one of the most popular trends in business ERP systems.

A mixture of SaaS and On-Premise

SaaS and On-Premise are two very important ERP systems and therefore, most of the companies, now a day use these two systems together. In business terms, this is called a hybrid approach.

These popular trends are used in every business sphere and are very popular. By the description of these trends, you must have understood their importance.

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