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5 Major Functions of ERP systems

ERP is considered as one of the most important things for the growth of any business now a day, but many of us do not realize that. Following are the list of the functions of ERP systems that will prove how important it is for your business.

Financial management

There are a lot of things that come under financial management. When you opt for enterprise resource planning systems, all these activities are done under one platform. It manages the expenditures of your business. Theways in which all these actions are performed are general, but they are very efficient and a person responsible for the financial management does not need to worry much about it.

Supports CRM

CRM is basically a module that helps you in the improvement of customer service. This leads, finally to the increase in per capita income. It helps the user in managing the customer related issues. This module works in a magical way and provides the user with all the important and essential information about their customers. It helps in solving the related issues in the best possible way. Enterprise resource planning gives you the liberty to follow this module and finally helps you in increasing the income of your business.

Dissolve sales related issue

In an enterprise resource planning system, there is the entire component that can help a user in dissolving the sales and marketing related issues. It can do sales inquiries, it can manage sales workflows and all other things related to the sales section. Using an advanced ERP system gives you a chance of using the shipping tracker and taxation rules.

Supports HRM

HRM is again a module, just like CRM. In this module the, components like tracker, timesheet, employee records etc. are kept. The function of this module is to regulate all these things in a better way. If you use a proper ERP system, then you can use this module and can manage all these components that are important in any business, easily and comfortably.

Brings efficiency in manufacturing

From the title, one must think that, how can software make the manufacturing of a product efficient. The answer to this question is that it manages the things like the bill of the materials to be bought, schedule of the product to be manufactured, planning of the distribution and other related things. All these things are enough for making the manufacturing process efficient.

All the functions mentioned above shows that if a person is running a business and if he has not opted for ERP, then he is missing the most important thing.

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