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7 Legit Benefits of using an ERP Open Source Software

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software where the source code is open for the users.

The ERP systems help in better sharing of information, reduction of operational costs, promotes higher synergy between the marketing and sales which in turn increases the overall revenue of the company.

Being an open source model, these ERP systems allow the companies to access the source code of ERP and then modify the same using their own team of IT professionals rather than paying heavy extra charges for vendor customization plus licensing.

Open-Source ERP’s are generally opted by the SMB’s (small and mid-sized businesses) for upgrading their ERP without any additional taxes.

Let us now focus on the advantages of Open-Source ERP Software.

  • Free to use

The Open-Source ERP systems are free to use where the source code is publicly available for easy modifications.

This is generally beneficial for the small and mid-sized businesses who want to upgrade their ERP without paying any additional charges to the vendors.

The users can download the software without paying any additional charges.

  • Freedom from the Vendors

The Open-Source model of the ERP makes it easier for the users (or any company) to modify the source code on their own (or in case of a company a team of IT professionals performs the same task) without the need of paying extra charges for vendor-modifications.

  • Licencing Freedom

The Open-Source model of the ERP ensures freedom from licensing to all its users.

The users do not need to pay any fees for licensing which makes it economically friendly for the small and mid-sized companies.

  • Freedom from Maintenance Fees

The Open-Source ERP software grants freedom to its users from any kinds of additional maintenance fees.

  • Highly customizable

What makes the Open-Source ERP software highly popular among the users is its highly customizable feature.

The users (or in case of a company the team of IT professionals) can access and use the source code and modify the same as per their requirements (or the company’s requirements) without the need to additional charges or hiring external consultants.

  • Future Proof

Another very useful feature of an Open-Source ERP system is its back-up feature.

The Open-Source developer community plays a major role in backing up your system by their reviews, criticisms, and suggestions.

So as your software is backed-up, even if the concerned vendor shuts down the software system, you can easily get help from other developers of the Open-Source community and continue modifying the same ERP system.

  • Easy Holistic Updates and Security

The Open-Source community developers are working regularly for enhancing the source code bases which provides easy updates for the user’s ERP system.

Keeping the core-logic file same, the user can implement their customization in the ERP system which ensures easy flawless updates without the need of confirmation from any ERP vendor.

Since the Open-Source community of developers is working regularly to improve the source codes, it helps in the easy identification and removal of bugs from the system.

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