We are living in a competitive world and if you are using outdated technology you are losing out on potential business opportunities. It is time to upgrade and plan your resources well to capitalize on the opportunities that the market presents you with.

From startups, small and medium businesses to larger corporations, ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) is an imminent requirement in every organization. At Wikierp, we help you to leverage on the latest ERP technologies to improve your overall business performance, by eliminating legacy systems, improving the reporting structure and providing you more visibility.

What do we offer?

Whether you are looking for the best practices across industry, or tutorials to give you information, or guidance on different planning stages, you can get them all customized to your preference at Wikierp. Covering across industries, Wikierp provides you information and solutions that will keep you competitive in your industry.

Delivering the best products which is both innovative and latest in the industry, our solutions will help you face any challenge now and in future. With us, we guarantee a solution that will promise

  • A higher return on your investment with absolutely affordable cost to you.
  • Strengthening the core processes in your business, improving efficiency and performance.
  • On time delivery and complete support and maintenance throughout implementation.
  • A fit that is tailored to suit your requirements at every juncture.

Our vision

To improve the reach across markets, helping businesses to expand globally with the best resource management applications, ensuring a faster and a higher turnaround in their business sectors.

Our mission

To become the leading service provider of Enterprise level resource systems and solutions, helping companies grow in all aspects with quality and innovation as the scaffolding. To provide clients with products that will help businesses to grow at present and also in future.

Our core values

We believe that we deliver better solutions, because we believe in our core values. And we practice them every day in our daily routine.

  • Transparency in every stage of the business, providing complete and precise information to clients.
  • Delivering on time without compromising on the quality of the solution
  • Using only the best of the solutions, as guided by the latest technology and norms of the industry.
  • Integrity at every decision prioritizing customers always at the top.

If it is excellence that you are after, then ERP is your solution from Wikierp.