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Reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics Nav into your Business

The ERP systems play an important role in the overall growth of a company and also makes different business procedures flawless.

Hence it becomes necessary to select a powerful yet simple to use ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav is one of the most versatile ERP available in the market.

Now let us discuss the reasons for using Microsoft Dynamics Nav as an ERP.

  • Easy to use

One of the most popular features of Microsoft Dynamics Nav is its simple design which is very similar to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office which makes it easier for the users.

Microsoft’s Role Tailored Client helps the users to identify the procedures which are most relevant to their job.

  • High Scalability

Microsoft Dynamics Nav is a fast highly scalable ERP.

It uses features like indexed views, memory cache, bulk insert etc which improves its speed and overall efficiency.

  • Storehouse of Functions

Microsoft Dynamics Nav is loaded with tonnes of features for

  • Financial Management: It helps the companies to manage their banking procedures, helps them in the proper handling of cash and also with accounts management.
  • Project Management: Microsoft Dynamics Nav helps the businesspersons to keep a track of all their projects, manage all their capacity and the creation of estimates.
  • Marketing and Sales: Nav helps in managing all the marketing campaigns, sales procedures and the management of the service contracts.
  • Nav allows easy tracking of all the production, orders and vendors.
  • Nav helps the companies with multi-currency and language system to widen the business infrastructure.
  • Allows Easy Auditing

Using Nav the company can keep a track of all the ongoing processes on a regular basis.

Nav keeps a record of all the transactions and procedures done in the past which helps in tracking the company’s growth easily.

  • Highly Customizable

Another feature which makes Microsoft Dynamics Nav very popular among its users is because it is highly customizable in nature.

It gives its users access to the source code which the user can modify to customize it based upon the requirements.

  • Increases Productivity

Microsoft Nav helps in the improvement of productivity by eliminating the need for repetitive procedures by incorporating different business activities like accounting, marketing, and sales, overall production etc into a single platform.

These increases workflow which in turn leads to higher productivity.

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