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Training Your Employees On New ERP Software

When you introduce a new ERP software in your organization, it becomes important for you to make sure that your employees have the required ERP experience to handle the system. Without proper ERP experience, your employees may find it difficult to catch up with the system. Just implementing a new ERP system is not going to get your work done if your employees are not made familiar with the use of it. In order to make your employees efficient enough to use the new ERP system, you need to provide them the required training. Now the question arises, how do you train your employees?

How to train your employees on new ERP software?

If you are not sure of the training method to use to train your employees, go through the pointers given below. We have provided you with a few training methods that can prove to be useful for you.

  • Instructor-led Training method

This is one of the most effective methods to train your employees. This method has been used for ages as it is considered to be beneficial for the employees. This training program provides the employees with a chance to get out of their daily work and focus on enhancing their skills. Not just that, but it also promotes a healthy and collaborative learning environment as well. If you want your employees to have ERP experience, you can definitely choose this training method.

  • Self-learning method

As the name suggests, here employees train themselves to get familiar with the use of the system. They explore the manual provided by the ERP vendor in order to learn the functions of the new ERP system. This type of training can actually prove to be both costs effective and time-saving as well. However, the manual provided by the vendor should have all the information in details.

  • Job-based training method

In this type of training method, employees are divided into various groups according to their job roles. Each group is provided with different training based on the type of task they handle in the organization. This training method is actually faster than any of the mentioned training methods. Not just that, but it also quite effective as well.

It is the responsibility of the company to provide proper training to the employees. This will help the employees to learn to handle the new ERP system faster and more effectively.

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